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100 days of lockdown: You share the 100 things you’ve learned

100 days of lockdown: You share the 100 things you’ve learned

Today marks 100 days since lockdown, in some respects March feels like yesterday, in other ways it feels like a former life (now referred to as our LBL -Life Before Lockdown). Over the last few weeks we’ve asked you, our ParentFolk community, to share with us the things you’ve learned about yourself and life in lockdown.. it makes for quite the list…

100 things you learned in lockdown:

  1. What I’ve done to get through the past 99 days has been enough
  2. I need to do more to call out racism and to educate my children. #BlackLivesMatter
  3. I don’t want to be a teacher.
  4. My community is special.
  5. I miss time with my adult friends.
  6. My kids don’t need to do so much.
  7. I no longer feel guilty for taking a rest
  8. I don’t need to travel to every meeting
  9. There’s lots of things that my kids don’t learn at school
  10. My sister is my parent’s favourite.
  11. I’ll never take my nail technician for granted again
  12. We can bring about change when we support one another
  13. I am very lucky
  14. I had too many direct debits for stuff I never used
  15. Humans can be so kind
  16. It’s really nice not to have to rush
  17. Buying local tastes better
  18. Being a stay at home mum isn’t for me
  19. What’s right for me, isn’t right for other people
  20. I’ve allowed people to take advantage for too long
  21. My parents live too far away
  22. My sons like cabbage
  23. I wasn’t getting enough sleep before lockdown
  24. People can be selfish
  25. You’ve got to get up at 2am if you want an Aldi online offer
  26. We can live with less
  27. Everyone deals with stress differently
  28. I was over-parenting.
  29. I don’t need my gym membership
  30. If I serve it with ketchup, they’ll eat it
  31. Common sense isn’t that common.
  32. Education matters.
  33. Surprise parcels are the best
  34. My kids are very capable
  35. I’ll no longer stress over the little things
  36. Clapping in the street lifted our mood
  37. I’ve spent years saying yes, when I meant no
  38. Over the fence Friday drinks are just as good
  39. People are greedy
  40. My kitchen has become an all-inclusive buffet
  41. Lockdown birthdays are fun
  42. I don’t always need it on ‘next day delivery’
  43. I spend too much time scrolling
  44. Helping others makes me feel good
  45. A daily walk does you good
  46. The DPD guy rocks
  47. The system isn’t fair
  48. A fishfinger butty is an ample week night dinner
  49. The word unprecedented is overused.
  50. I always need a holiday in the diary
  51. I am no substitute for my kids friends
  52. To embrace my failure and go forward
  53. I need to keep busy
  54. I’ve enjoyed stepping off the hamster wheel
  55. There’s value to my ideas
  56. I want to study again
  57. My kids don’t need to do every extra-curricular activity
  58. I like my own company
  59. I can keep a houseplant alive
  60. I can never buy enough ice-lollies
  61. My mental health is my main priority
  62. There are friends, and there are contacts. Know the difference.
  63. The food shop can feel like a spa day if going alone.
  64. A tank of petrol can last a month
  65. It’s one rule for them and one for us.
  66. Zoom meetings save heaps of time and expense
  67. Good weather makes everything feel better
  68. My kids thrive on a routine
  69. There is an app for everything
  70. I trust Martin Lewis more than the Government
  71. I’ll never moan about the 6 week summer holiday again
  72. I need to make more time for me
  73. We spend too much on food and drink
  74. To always read the small print
  75. We shall never again take for granted having a garden
  76. My husband has great hairdresser skills, no more grey!
  77. No one ever takes the stuff from the stairs, upstairs.
  78. That my kids miss their granny
  79. Life is precious
  80. Box sets have been my escape from reality
  81. I like homeschooling my kids
  82. Watching the news less has made me feel better
  83. I hate my job and I’m quitting after lockdown
  84. The time passes anyway, do something purposeful
  85. You can always start over.
  86. I don’t need to be available to everyone all the time
  87. I drink my calories
  88. I love a sunset walk
  89. There’s friendships I won’t go back to
  90. I can co-parent with my kids Dad
  91. I can run my business remotely
  92. I’m going to dress down more
  93. I enjoy hanging out with my kids
  94. Green fingers is a myth.
  95. That absolute trust is letting your partner cut your hair
  96. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to get in touch with old friends
  97. To celebrate just being together
  98. To pick my battles
  99. To live day by day
  100. To make sure 2021 makes up for this years sh*t show.

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