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5 Tips for planning a wedding with kids

Tips for planning a wedding with kids.

It’s a regular topic of debate here at ParentFolk, the extended ‘children welcome’ wedding invitation. If you want to make your wedding family inclusive, then read this advice from Madeleine Ellis, wedding executive at Carden Park hotel, Cheshire’s country estate, on what to consider when planning a wedding with children.

  1. Get creative with your little ones

Getting your children involved in an arts and crafts session to create something personalised for the wedding is a great way to include them in the planning and will make a lovely touch for guests. Whether it’s wedding favours, table names, or decorations for the venue – let them be creative!

  1. Does the venue cater for children?

If children are going to be a big part of your day, you need to be sure your venue can cater well for them. Are there suitable options for children’s food? Can they recommend local entertainment such as face painters or magicians to keep the kids busy during the reception? Is there space to create a kids’ zone, or an outdoor area to organise games in?

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  1. Give them a role on the day

Having your children there is something special that not all couples get to experience, so it’s a nice touch to include them on the day. Flower girls and page boys are a great idea, but what about having them introduce the couple before dinner, or asking them to write a few words about how they feel? Even if they don’t want to read it aloud on the day, it’s a good way to show them how important they are.

  1. Recruit a babysitter

It’s important for you and your new spouse to have some time alone to enjoy the day together, so make sure you’ve got a few friends or relatives around on standby to take any young children when you need time to speak with guests, have photographs taken, or just want to sneak a few minutes alone together!

  1. Create a ‘kids only’ zone

If you’re inviting other children to your special day, it’s worth thinking about how to keep them entertained during the meal and any speeches. Personalised goody bags with crayons, games and other little treats are a good idea. Or you could create a ‘kids only’ zone with a fancy dress box, tipi tents and blankets, or arrange for a room to show a short film so they can have time to chill before the dancing starts!

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