Cheshire based mother, and former stockbroker, Anna Shone

Former stockbroker launches discount Kids brand marketplace, Bargain Edit.

Cheshire based mother, and former stockbroker, Anna Shone, decided to launch her business, Bargain Edit, to enable parents to access great deals on beautiful children’s clothing.
Curating collections of desirable kid’s labels has become her passion, now 32 weeks pregnant with her second child, and recognising the change in the economic climate, she’s focused more than ever on helping parents make the pound in their pocket go further.

Tell us where the idea came from for Bargain Edit?

It just came very naturally, I had just had my first baby and I had built up a good network of suppliers. It meant I could put together a marketplace to allow other people to get a hold of quality items at discounted prices.

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Founder of Bargain Edit, Anna Shone

You’re a mum to a toddler, how has this influenced your own buying habits?

I love being a mum and it has definitely influenced my buying habits, especially having Bargain Edit too. I very rarely buy full priced items, I will always wait for a sale. That’s not great sometimes as it means they don’t always have your size in but I do love it when they do and you get a good bargain.

You’re also expecting your second child. Will you be reusing clothing and have you started sorting out the hand me downs?

Yes definitely. I was really good when I was buying for my first child Charles, I bought all white M&S baby grows and vests all the way up to 18-24 Months. I am having a girl this time and it means I will have all the white stuff ready which will be great as white is gender neutral. I have so many hand me downs this time too. When I had Charles, my best friend Luci threw me a baby shower so I had 20 friends and family buying loads of nice new bits for Charles but this time round because its lockdown I probably won’t be having a baby shower but I’ve been lucky because I’ve had loads of gorgeous hand me downs from my new mummy friends that I have made with having Charles from NCT and Baby Sensory Classes.  I’ve also set aside some lovely bits from Bargain Edit, I have the cutest cord dungaree set from Happyology put away for her.

We all love grabbing a bargain, how often is new stock added to the online store? It’s around every 2-4 Weeks, we try to add to it as much as possible to make sure it stays fresh for the customer. Even if it’s just the odd dress or a couple of new tees, it’s good to be updating the site with new stock.

You have some gorgeous brands on the site, what’s the criteria to be a suitable Bargain Edit brand?  

I think it must be good quality, I love natural fabrics, like cotton or wool items. I steer away from anything that’s acrylic or synthetic. My criteria would be ‘would I put Charles in it?’ If the answer is no, then it most likely won’t make it on the site.

Do you think the pandemic has made people more price conscious?

A million percent, with so much uncertainty with the economy right now, I think everyone is just being that little bit more cautious with their spending. Mums are good at making that £1 go further anyway so in midst of a global pandemic I think people are definitely being more frugal.

Bargain Edit offers beautiful kids brands at a fraction of the cost:

How has the pandemic influenced your plans for the business? It has made us work that little bit harder, I mean when I had Charles I could afford to pay for someone to cover my maternity leave for 6 months but now with this second child on the way and the pandemic affecting sales, I might have to enlist my husband to go to the office and help!

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