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Around The World In 80 Days- The Lowry, Salford

This famous novel by Jules Verne has been cleverly adapted for stage and hits the Quays theatre at the Lowry for December and throughout the Christmas period.

The story starts in the Mens club, where, over a game of whist, Phileas Fogg bets his life fortune that he can circumnavigate around the world in 80 only days! With over £2000 in a bag and his newly employed valet, Passepartout (Micheal Higg), they travel around the globe by every means possible but all planned to precision by the very confident Mr Fogg.

Along the way they meet elephants in far exotic lands, a circus in America and Fogg even finds a female travelling companion!

Comedy is added when we discover they are being followed by cunning Inspector Fix (Dennis Herdman), who believes Fogg is the bank robber who has just raided the Bank of England. His portrayal of the ever foiled inspector is fabulous – almost Faulty Towers-esq in parts!

Lis Evans does an incredible job with fabulous period costumes and minimalist props, and to portray the entire world on stage, she uses only a handful of suitcases and a world map as a backdrop. The suitcases change from being stairs to Foggs London residence, to a train and a ship!

Our review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the snake-hipped Matthew Ganley who caused giggles and entertainment throughout – so much so we looked for him in each scene!

Amazingly the cast entails only 8 talented actors who play over 120 parts; and with such a quick moving and fast paced production, the talents of this close knit team of actors is so apparent!

My daughter was completely convinced that notes and money were being thrown across the stage – and then in total amazement when she the trick the actors were playing! (I cant say anymore – you must go and see it)!

This is a fun and fast production to take your LittleFolk to – in fact, it’s perfect for all ages as our party consisted of 3 generations, all of whom agreed that this was one of the most clever and entertaining stage shows they had seen.

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