Camp Festival founder and dad of four boys Rob Da Bank talks to ParentFolk about festivals, family and fatherhood. “Our eldest son walked his pygmy goat into the village this morning,” explains dad of four Rob Da Bank. “It’s only when you

Holly Tucker launched, providing a platform for small businesses allowing them to compete on a level playing field with the biggest online brands. She’s now launched Holly & Co, and works as an ambassador to small creative businesses -

The trend towards motherhood and all matters maternal has been in full swing in recent years, yet despite the raised voices, the motherhood apparel and the social media movements real change has been harder to identify. ‘It’s time to stop talking

You, Me and the Big C presenter Deborah James tells ParentFolk’s Jade Wright how her children have motivated the fight of her life and why we should all be talking about our poo. It’s one of every parent’s worst nightmares, but

totbag – short for ‘think outside the bag’ - is an outdoor activity bag for children aged three and up. Dreamt up at a girlie catch up, totbag is brainchild of three busy mums with a friendship spanning over twenty

How many times have we as mums scrolled through our phones with the fixed stare of an alert meerkat, sensing an attack, surveilling the little squares for validation of where we’re doing it wrong? 'Should have taken more pregnancy photos, bump

ParentFolk talks to Shereef Hosny, development manager for Toddler Fun Learning, about fatherhood, flexible working and finding the work life balance. The role of dads is changing, and not before time. In the past, many were a family’s sole breadwinner, while mums had little


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