Create your own summer garden paradise

This summer we’re reclaiming some space in the garden. For the last two years chez S&W has definitely lost the battle for garden space. The kids (and their copious amount of garden games clutter) had claimed victory! This year, now that the weather has booked up it’s ideas, so have we!

We agree with online emporium, Rockett St George, who say that ‘being outdoors is good for the soul’ and we’re planning on creating at least a corner of the garden as our summer paradise. A gorgeous outdoor area means you never have to travel far to entertain during the day and relax (glass in hand) at night.

Here are 5 tips from Rockett St George for transforming your outdoor space into a Summer paradise…

1. Take the inside out

When preparing for a garden party, don’t be afraid to take your armchairs, rugs and most magical home accessories outside. If you have the space, create different zones around your garden… Think bohemian cushions on rugs, tables piled high with beautiful dishes of food and drink, decorations hung in trees if you have them, and  (of course) an outside bar area. If you’re short on space you can still pack all of this in – just work on a condensed version and combine the eating area with relaxing. A low table made of crates is a clever DIY way to do this.

2. Sparkly lighting is a must when entertaining outside

Use lanterns and hang festoon lights for a festival vibe. A twinkling display doesn’t have to cost the earth. Creating a magical space where your guests want to have fun is easy to achieve with candles: they give a lovely warm glow and the flickering light will help everyone feel relaxed. Our current obsession is the Aculo Hanging Terrarium – it’s perfect for displaying a pretty mini light chain at night.


3. If your garden isn’t green

Take house plants outside. Pop them on tables and around chairs, creating a lovely leafy feel. We currently have some beautiful tropical faux plants which look incredible and create instant impact – perfect for creating a tropical feel.

4. Prepare for the weather!


British summertime can be a little temperamental, so it’s best to be prepared and have a covered area that your freinds can retreat into if things get a bit wild! A marquee or pretty garden umbrella is an ideal solution. Layer with rugs, blankets and stools so everyone can easily transfer to a sheltered space. If the evening gets cool later on this would also be a great spot to get cosy in later on.

5. The table setting is just as important as the food on it

Decide on what theme you’re going to decorate with before you start. We’re in love with all things fresh and unique, so natural materials in green would add vibrancy and a life to our display. Contrast these textures with vintage tumblers, recycled glass carafe’s, glam studded tealights and incorporate faux foliage into your table setting by draping trailing plants across the top.

RstG Garden Inspiration



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