Denise Lewis teams up with NEXT Active for Gym Of Life

With 101 things to get done everyday, dedicated workout time isn’t top of the list for everyone. For most busy women life is their gym! Which is why Next have engineered the new Next Active range to work for everyone, everyday; so whether its squeezing in 20 mins of Zumba, or lunging down to pick up toys (again), Next Activewear will keep up and not let you down.

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IMAGE: NEXT has teamed up with Denise Lewis OBE to curate The Denise Lewis Edit

From planking to playtime, burpees to bin day, the new Next Active range isengineered for the gym of life​. Made with every activity activewear could be worn, in mind. How many lifts or squats do we all do each day without even knowing it? A LOT. Which is why Next Active has been designed to bend and flex with 100% opacity – perfect for busy, naturally active lives.Welcome to the ​gym of life​ – where leggings are for running baths and trainers are for school run sprints… approved by athlete, mum-of-four and woman on a mission – ​Denise Lewis.

Next has ​teamed up with Denise Lewis OBE (Gold medal winner AND mum of 4) to curate the ‘Denise Lewis Edit’ of activewear that’s engineered for the gym of LIFE. So you can rely on the comfort, support and confidence-boost of Next Active to help you achieve your goals… big or small. 

The Next Active range truly empathises with and inspires busy women, much like Denise who – with 4 children between 21 months and 19 years, is always-on-the-go. ​ I’m not even sure how I juggle being a mum of four kids. You’ve just gotta have a positive mindset and be really clear with what you want to get out of the day but know that you can’t fit everything in. Don’t beat yourself up!” – Denise Lewis

​“I used to train with Olympians, now I train with everyday women with aspirations of achieving their personal bests and I love it!”

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IMAGE: The Denise Lewis Edit comprises 31 activewear pieces

The​ Denise Lewis Edit​ comprises 31 activewear pieces available in sizes 6 to 22 / XS to XXL, it features performance clothing such as leggings, sports bras, breathable tops and technical running trainers, as well some key athleisure pieces like hoodies and joggers. ​

From squat rack to supermarket, we love how Next has nailed activewear for the demands of daily life. Whether it’s the comfort, support and boost of confidence needed for a sweat session or effortless throw-on pieces making running around that little bit less challenging – the NEW #DeniseLewisEdit x Next Active range has it all.

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