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Eat, Play, Love

What do you think is the biggest thing that stops you from having fun with your kids?  New research from Babybel Mini Rolls reveals that 50% of parents admit work gets in the way of play time with their children, followed by chores (32%) and the kids’ homework (29%).  The irony for us all is that we know that play time is so important our kids’ development. So how can we find more time in the day to bring back the fun times?

Here Yesim Kunter, a Play Expert and Futurist (yes we thought that was a great job title too), gives us her top tips on how to boost family fun time at mealtimes

1. Prep to Play 

Preparing a meal together offers a great opportunity to be playful with little ones, it’s a great bonding activity too. Teaching them to prepare a salad, safely chopping the vegetables and laying it out in a creative way, means the whole experience puts them in the mood for mealtimes. If there’s enough time, different settings can also be played out too, such as an indoor picnic.

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Get creative with lunch

2. Dining Decorations 

Crafting your meal by “playing” with the layout of your food is a great way to bring fun to mealtimes. From making a face with your meal to creating a broccoli forest with Babybel® Mini Rolls snakes hiding in the trees, the possibilities are endless

3. Snacking Stories 

Stories are easy way to bond all ages and personalities, and they don’t have to be reserved for bedtime. Creating a ritual of telling funny stories at mealtimes means everyone has a chance to unlock their imagination, and different meals offer different inspiration, meaning there’s opportunity for new stories every day.

4. Colourful Crockery 

Bring more fun to mealtimes with fun and colourful tableware. Pops of colour on the table immediately creates a playful atmosphere, and you can even theme your mealtimes or make each day of the week a different colour.  

And most of all, don’t forget to have fun and to play.  Yesim explains the importance of play time, Play has a critical role in children’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. Play is our way of exploring, questioning, reflecting and challenging our comfort zones. Without play, we lose connection emotionally and physically with others, our surroundings and ourselves.”

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