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Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts announce new 2018 Valencia Soccer School Camp for kids


Thinking about where to head on this summers family holiday? If like us you have littlefolk who love nothing more than kicking a ball around then we may have found the perfect holiday package for you. Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts has announced its brand NEW Valencia Soccer School Camp for the 2018 season, the very first hotel in the world to offer this. The camp has been put together in partnership with Global Premiere Soccer, one of the world’s largest and most successful football organisations.

Located at Elounda Peninsula and Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort, the Valencia Soccer School Camp will operate throughout the season from May to October 2018 and will be aimed at children aged 3 to 16 years old. For the very first time in Greece, the camp will also be introducing a “kindergarten programme” for young guests aged 3 to 6 years old. 

At the Valencia Soccer School Camp, children can learn the Valencia CF values of teamwork both on and off the pitch directly from their professionals, and most importantly have fun and enjoy the thrills of football.

In addition, Elounda SA Hotels & Resort will be offering the very exciting opportunity to all children who take part in the camp where 2 children could win 2 tickets each to a live match of Valencia CF, followed by a tour of the stadium and a chance to meet the players.

For boys and girls aged 3-6 years, the “kindergarten programme” is the first and only pre-camp offering in all of Greece. With activities including fun training games and 3v3 scrimmages, this programme is a fun yet challenging first encounter for little ones into the world of football.

Children aged 6 to 16 years will train with highly qualified coaches who have travelled directly from the VCF academy in Spain. Providing the highest standard of developmental training, boys and girls will experience real exposure to the professional methods used by Valencia CF. The camp will revolve around three key focuses: the teaching of football skills, off-the-pitch education, and personal maturity and coexistence through football. Young football players will learn to work and interact with each other, develop technical and tactical skills through real playing situations, and improve independence and self-confidence using sport as a leading tool.

The Valencia Soccer School Camp has developed its training model on the basis of how the First team plays. Children will train following the same methodology used by Valencia CF Academy. Its target is to create players that are keen to take responsibility for decision-making and have the motivation to create attacking play, while at the same time being active without the ball, with the aim of re-gaining possession. These are the guiding principles of player development, always taking into account their current status age- and condition-wise. Therefore, the Valencia FC model changes depending on the needs of each player at any time, ensuring that each training session contains a variety of schemes, suited to each player’s character.

The perfect kick off for 2018, the Valencia Soccer School Camp at Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts provides the unique opportunity to learn from one of the best football clubs and to become a young footballer with the Valencianista seal of approval!

 And if you’re thinking ‘this sounds great for the kids but what about me?’ then check out this amazing gallery, we think pictures speak louder than words in this case! 


The Valencia Soccer School Camp at Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts sessions are available for ages 3-16 and will run from May – October 2018. The rate is €30 per hour per child. A 6-day programme is also available at a rate of €150 per child.


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