Families spending Halloween At Home invited to party with spook-tastic Scream Street

Families spending Halloween At Home invited to party with spook-tastic Scream Street

Halloween is creeping up, and as many families have been challenged by the changes to their usual tricks and treats, the team behind CBBC’s rib-tickling comedy ‘Scream Street’ has conjured up the perfect party to keep those little sprites entertained.

The stop-motion animated show returns to the CBBC neighbourhood from 26th October at 3:25pm and 6.00pm, with an all new fast-paced and hilarious series, and is celebrating with a free Scream Street ‘Halloween at Home’ party for families all over the UK to enjoy.

The all-new episodes see the Scream Street gang come up against a whole host of silly spooks as they battle to save the neighbourhood, and the show is once again voiced by Tyger Drew-Honey as teenage werewolf Luke, with John Thomson, Debra Stephenson, Claire Skinner, Rasmus Hardiker, Tala Gouveia, and Jim Howick returning to voice the residents of Scream Street.


The fang-tastic celebrations are open to all, with lots of things to make, do and watch, including a free downloadable ‘Scream Street Halloween at Home’ party pack, a Scream Street dance challenge on CBBC’s YouTube featuring The Next Step, plus an online watch party, on Thursday 29th October, in partnership with Girl Talk World, hosted by Tyger Drew Honey.

The Halloween pack is available to download on the Scream Street website and is filled with some spine chillingly cool activities to get the party started, from Scream Street character masks and puzzles, to cupcake toppers, decorative tent cards and monster making crafts.

With many neighbourhoods across the UK organising their own Halloween pumpkin trails for youngsters to spot in windows instead of trick or treating door to door, the pack will provide branded pumpkin carving stencils and window signs, so families can decorate their house ‘Scream Street’ style for other little monsters to find whilst out on the trail.

Launching on CBBC’s official YouTube Channel on Monday and The Next Step’s official YouTube Channel on Wednesday, the Scream Street Dance Challenge kicks off with a fun-filled animated dance video featuring Scream Street residents, Luke the teenage werewolf, Resus the vampire and Cleo the savvy 4000 year-old Mummy,

Next up, dancers from CBBC’s The Next Step will showcase their version of the dance routine, which is set to the show’s rocking theme tune, before families are invited to get moving together at home and share their own versions of the dance on social media using the hashtag #ScreamStreetDanceChallenge.

Bringing families across the UK together for more Halloween fun, Scream Street is also hosting an exclusive watch party via Girl Talk World, which is kids’ magazine Girl Talk’s YouTube channel.

Presented by Tyger Drew Honey and Girl Talk’s Carly on Thursday 29th October at 5pm, the Scream Street Watch party will include exciting behind the scenes episode commentary from Tyger as he reveals facts and secrets about the making of the show, plus a special readers Q and A.

Many of the show’s cast members will also be celebrating at home this year:

John Thomson, who voices evil Scream Street mayor Otto said: “I love Halloween; I have a huge box of props that I get out and decorate the house with and when I have my kids round we play lots of games. I’m looking forward to this Halloween because it’s a special one, it’s a full moon…”

‘McDonald and Dodds’ actress and voice of savvy Mummy Cleo, Tala Gouviea, is also a big fan of Halloween: “I love bobbing for apples, and the sweets of course! And dressing up in fancy dress is always fun. You’d think I would be sick of it with my job but I still love it. I hope some people dress up as Cleo this year. That would be great!”  

Jim Howick, who voices Luke’s dad, Mike Watson said: “We watch Horror films a lot at home anyway so instead of having a horror night we might have a horror week!  I also love a Halloween party. “

The Scream Street Halloween at Home party pack is available to download now at:

Catch brand new episodes of Scream Street on CBBC from Monday 26th October at 3:25pm and 6.00pm

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