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Fill Me In: MediSpa Chester

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say.

And for many women (and men) that usually comes with more than a couple of hang-ups about their face.

A straighter nose, a fuller chin, maybe less wrinkles and a reduction in those dark circles around our eyes.

Whatever the complaint, make-up, creams, lotions and potions have been on hand to fix or cover up these perceived grievances for decades.

What few of us realise though, is that quietly in the background over the past 20 years, facial aesthetics (once reserved for Hollywood A-listers), is now readily available for Joe Public to enjoy.

And now it is my turn.

I stepped into this discreet world at the MediSpa, which is neatly tucked away in Frodsham Court.

“Discretion is one of our clients’ biggest things,” said Jane Wilson, lead practitioner and fully trained nurse, who part owns and runs the £1 million facility.


Jane is pictured (lower right) with business partner Caroline and their team.

“The work we do should be undetectable too,” added Jane, who prides herself on offering her clients an ‘enhanced natural’ look.

Mum-of-two Jane began ‘injecting’ eight years ago and is now at the forefront of the highly trained, highly skilled aesthetic practitioners, not just in Cheshire but in Europe too.

She attributes her skill to the teachings of her mentor Raj Acquilla, as well as the tens of thousands of pounds she has spent on advanced training courses across the world.

Jane tells me the art of making people aesthetically beautiful is founded on Phi – the Golden Ratio of 1:1.618.

“Dr Arthur Swift, a plastic surgeon from Canada, talks about this ratio for the face and what it can do to make the face more appealing to the eye.

“Take Angelina Jolie for example – her lips are so big and on a normal person that would look weird but because her jaw is so wide and she hits the ratio. “Dr Swift calls it Beauti-Phi-cation and with my clients this is always what I try and achieve.”

Injectable fillers in the UK have picked up a bad reputation globally, explains Jane, an attitude she, with mentor Raj, is trying to change.

“The UK is a laughing joke globally the other injectors in other countries, they are bewildered about the amount of poor practice and these lips!

“With caucasian women you often see people who have a small chin and a dainty nose with these big lips and it just looks wrong.

“The problem with the UK is that you only need a CE stamp in Europe so they don’t need to test these things

,” she explains.

“As long as they’re sterile they don’t go through much testing at all, but the drugs agency in America because they have to be FDA approved, they have to really jump through the hoops.”

Jane exclusively uses Juverderm only products at the MediSpa, because it is FDA approved.


“When you get an FDA approved product we are trying to be safe as we can.

“It will take time to change the bad habits in the UK – they (experts) think it will take about 10 years.”

Filler is a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid with stablisers, which gently dissolves into the body.

With Jane’s training and skill, she has the eye to use these hyndrofillics with the perfect expertise to enhance the face.

“We choose the thickness of the filler and choose the depth we need to go and how long we want it, but ideally you want to choose the thickest filler you can for the job.

“But for the lips for example, you can’t put thick product in there and when you do, you can really tell because the lips just don’t move and we don’t want that.

“Also, if you constantly expand the tissues, when the filler does go down or when you’re older and you don’t want these huge lips the tissue is different.

“You will get this baggy skin and there is no operation or surgery for this.”

For my first foray into the world of fillers, after my consultation, Jane suggested an enhancement of my lips.

Little did I know that one side was more full than the other and thanks to volume loss in my cheeks, my usually full lower lip had started to sag.

After learning of Jane’s experience and hearing her talk so passionately, I was at total ease with her suggestion and gladly let her douse my lips in numbing cream, while I watched a video by Dr Swift about Beauti-Phi-cation.

Just 30 minutes on and I couldn’t feel a thing and with a few detailed injections, the procedure was over.

It’s no wonder people call this a lunchtime face fix!

After some swelling for a couple of days and a good massage of my lips each night, I’m happy to report that not one person has noticed my newly plumped lips.

And that’s okay, because not only do I feel more confident in my appearance but I know that I’m one step closer to achieve that Phi ratio.

“If it is done right, no one should know,” added Jane, “and that is the secret.”7440298
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