#FIND15 to Win Free Shoes For a Year With Start-Rite Shoes.

Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile™ are calling for Families to #Find15 this Half-Term as a new report reveals 9 in 10 Primary School aged children are not meeting their exercise needs.

New scientific research¹ reveals a decrease in children’s fitness and an increase in body mass index following school holidays and raises concerns over the lack of information available to parents around children’s activity requirements.

The report found less than 10 per cent of primary aged children (5+ years) are meeting the Government guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day, and limited information to support parents on the required intensity or duration of bouts.

It also suggests parents should not assume organised team sports provide sufficient levels of physical activity, revealing that only 25 percent of time spent doing these sports is at the cardio level needed to strengthen muscle and bone, which is key to healthy ageing. As we face more stringent lockdown measures, this half term, Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile are calling for parents to start a routine of 15 minutes cardio exercise as a family, at least three times a week to help keep their children fit and active while away from school.

Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile team up for FIND15
The Daily Mile – Keeping kids active

The #Find15 campaign is part of a new and exciting partnership between Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile, supported by INEOS which aims to improve children’s health, personal well-being and fitness while at home.

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Start-Rite have teamed up with The Daily Mile for #Find15 Campaign

To celebrate keeping children fit and active Start-Rite have launched their #Find15 competition that urges families to incorporate 15 minutes of physical activity into their daily life by heading outside – and now you can get involved and have the chance to win free shoes for a year from Start-Rite shoes.

Kate Tansley, Start-Rite CEO added: “We are excited to be partnering with The Daily Mile which is an established authority on the benefits of childhood exercise. We know that children who are physically active reap mental health benefits, have been shown to be fitter and carry the benefits of physical activity into later life. Previous research told us how much children love to exercise with their parents or carers, so we hope this campaign will encourage more families, to enjoy 15 minutes of fast paced physical activity, on a daily basis together.” 

Founder of The Daily Mile, Elaine Wyllie MBE, said: “For complex reasons it can be hard for children to do enough physical activity at home. #Find15 makes it easy for parents to get their children active because it’s quick, everyone can do it and it’s completely free. Families will enjoy spending time together outdoors in the fresh air and at the same time improving their physical and mental health.”

The report which represents Start-Rite Shoes and The Daily Mile Foundation’s shared interest in providing parents with research-backed advice, also found that interventions to increase physical activity which involved other family members are more likely to be successful. A previous proprietary report from Start-Rite² found 65 per cent of primary aged children would like to exercise with their parents or carers.

How to #Find15 with Start-Rite and The Daily Mile and be in with a chance of winning free shoes for a year!

Start-Rite are giving families the chance to win free shoes for a year with their #FIND15 campaign

To take part families should:

Head outside into the fresh air and aim to walk at a quick pace for approximately 15 minutes.

During this 15 minutes, undertake activities that will continually increase your heart rate reserve by 60 per cent, this will include a brisk walk, jog or run.

Tips for getting the most out of your 15 minutes:

Aim to feel out of breath for most of the time and to feel your heart beating faster than usual.

On day one, decide on an activity or destination and keep a record of how fast or how long you managed to do it. Do the same for three days and watch your results improve. 

Set a timer on your phone. This will help little ones to stay motivated as they see the stop watch ticking away.


All you need to do is tag Start-Rite in your pictures and videos by using their campaign hashtag #Find15. Whether you go for a brisk walk, jog or run, they want to see you having fun together! Good Luck – and have fun!

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