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Girls vs Boys: who costs more to raise?

You might not be able to put a price on family, but you can see how much they’ll cost you. New research from price comparison website MoneySuperMarket reveals the hefty costs of raising children and how much more parents will pay for their daughter than their son.

The total figures come to £79,176 to raise a boy and £108,884 for a girl, a difference of £29,708. To put that in perspective, a full-price university degree costs £27,750, and a dog costs only £18,700.

The infographic, below, breaks down the price differences between genders from birth through to the age of 18, highlighting some of the more significant life events and what they cost. The research supports a new life insurance incentive from Ewelo MoneySuperMarket, with a £75 voucher for Amazon, Marks & Spencer or Next on offer for anyone buying a policy.

The price of girls’ clothing is less than that of the average new car

While babies cost about the same – parents will spend about £2,400 on nappies – by age 13, boy toys and make-up start taking their toll, with boys going on to spend nearly £7,800 on tech and girls racking up about £13,800 on toiletries in their teenage years.

But it’s clothes that really bring the costs up for parents with daughters. Even at toddler age, girls cost nearly 37% more than boys and, during childhood, female clothing can reach as much as £11,720, almost double the cost for sons at just under £5,890.

Miniature Mozarts vs. the Digital Natives

What skills will your darling child want to take up? Learning a musical instrument costs as much as £28.50 a lesson. One a week for five years – entirely possible if they’re musically-minded – and that’s a staggering £7,410. However, this is still less than what’s spent on video game consoles, televisions and phones if they’re keen on their digital knick-knacks – up to as much as £7,795. Getting them to join the Scouts and Girl Guides might be a cheaper option, at £600 for eight years for boys and £579 for girls.

Pushy boys get more, but shoe love is true love

The study also found that due to a readiness to ask for more, boys get more pocket money than girls – as much as £360 more on average. Girls, on the other hand, spend as much as  £1,666 more on shoes than boys do.

For the rest of the facts and figures, and what they mean, check out the infographic below:


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