BE DIDDY Kids Concept store

Hotly anticipated kids concept store, be diddy, launches.

Within minutes of the launch of new online store, be diddy, the first drops of several lines had already sold out. The trailblazing kid’s concept store, brainchild of first-time Mum, Kayleigh Shore, has been hotly anticipated. We caught up with Kayleigh to talk vintage clothing, and the new way to shop kid’s collections without damaging the planet.

Tell us where the idea for be diddy come from?

I’ve always shopped vintage and second hand. And when I had P I was looking for things for her but couldn’t find it in one place, there were bits here and there but not really a destination place I felt I could head to. I wanted somewhere you could pick up some cool affordable vintage clothing, as well as gifts and lifestyle pieces and be confident that they were all curated in a well thought out manner.

Kids clothing is a huge, but equally competitive, marketplace. Did you see a gap to deliver something different?

Yes. There are lots of kid’s stores, plenty of kids vintage too. But I had a really clear idea of what I wanted it to be, I wanted to focus on a particular style (which is mainly brands that started out as workwear) I knew they looked good and were made really well, both of which are at the heart of the brand. I also wanted to build a community and get the customers involved in what would be stocked.

Who is the ‘be diddy’ customer?

Me, haha! It’s basically all the things me and my mates wanted for our kids and couldn’t find easily. No, but seriously I want the brand to be as inclusive as possible so parents, grandparents, the cool aunt, a friend buying a gift. It’s nice actually because the vintage clothing is really nostalgic for a lot of people. The lifestyle section of the brand appeals to different audience too and I want to explore that.

How important is sustainability to you as a brand?

It’s important. I worked in fast fashion, which I learnt a lot from, however it never really sat well with me as I know it’s totally unsustainable. I’ve always shopped a lot of vintage for myself and I think for kids it just makes so much sense. They grow so quickly, constantly buying brand new items from fast fashion brands is not only bad for your budget, it’s obviously awful sustainability wise too!

You offer both ‘new’ and ‘vintage clothing, plus bespoke designed clothing. How challenging has it been to bring these different offerings together as a collection for your launch?

I’m very clear on the brand’s aesthetic, style and values and I know straight away whether something will fit or not. I’ve done a lot of research on everything I’m stocking, so I’m confident it all works as a whole. So in that sense it’s actually been one of the easier bits.

Photo: Founder of ‘be diddy’, Kayleigh Shore.

Has being a mother to a one year old impacted the purchasing decisions you make for your store?  

Absolutely! When I had my daughter I thought I’d want her in loads of new little matching outfits and to be honest I’ve felt the complete opposite. I don’t want a cute outfit that gets stained after one wear then falls apart in the wash. I want it to be hard wearing, comfortable and practical (such a mum) but also look cool. I want to make parents/carers’ lives easier. I want items that look good but also serve a purpose whilst being friendlier to the planet than their high street counterparts.

 Your launch seems to have been really successful, what can we expect next from be diddy?

Keep growing the web and adding in more categories, the vintage clothing has done amazingly well but I also want to expand on the accessories and lifestyle. I am looking into some ideas with my sister as she’s a designer and we would love to work on some more things together. I am also putting together a buy back scheme where once you have finished with your items I can buy them back and resell to keep the circular fashion movement going and I would love to start doing some pop ups – covid permitting!

Kayleigh’s Favourite Picks For Autumn

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