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In search of success? Head to spiritual bootcamp says transformational coach.

Hocus Pocus or the route to success? Morning affirmations, yoga, journaling, these are some of the rituals practised by some of the world’s most successful CEO’s and business founders. Here transformational coach, Caroline Britton, shares with ParentFolk what she really learnt from her spiritual and emotional bootcamp.

‘At the beginning of the year I made the decision I wanted to expand my reach, serve more people and double my turnover. For me this could never be done on a business strategy alone. I instinctively knew at the beginning of the year that to get to that next level of success I had to do the internal work, the much deeper stuff we are often reticent to get into. Being a coach I already do a lot of the mindset and emotional work but this was taking it to another level. This has been an emotional and spiritual bootcamp for the last 5 months and I’ve learnt a huge amount about myself in the process. Over the last 5 months I have done daily mediation, morning affirmations, weekly coaching, reiki, cranial osteopathy, weekly kundalini yoga, massage, daily journaling, morning routines, visualisations … the works. You name it and I’ve been employing it. For me it has been an experiment in how much of an impact all this work can have [I know a big one but I wanted to see at what level] and also so that I can categorically show my clients that you get the external rewards when you do the internal work.

So what impact has the last 5 months really had?

1. Firstly I’ve been surprised at how difficult some of it has been. Especially some of the work around some of the harder times in my life and in relation to people who have been unkind to me. I realised how much we hold on to this stuff and how hard it is to let it go. I still feel this is a work in progress but I know that as soon as I treat those past situations and people with love and forgiveness there is a huge change in my physical and emotional state. I feel lighter and much more peaceful. It has made me realise that anger and resentment can be fundamental blockers to real change and to allowing the abundance and joy you seek.

2. The way I run my morning has a massive impact on my day. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and I always seem to have my most productive and magical days when I’ve spent time in the morning implementing a good routine [this is on the advice of The Miracle Morning] – affirmations, meditation, some yoga stretching, visualisation. It gives me huge amounts of clarity and focus and my day seems to have a huge impetus

3. Being focused on a BIG goal works. When you ask for it, let it go and surrender with total belief it is already yours then you get it. I have purposely set targets of quadrupling my monthly income for March and May and I have done it on each occasion. It really, really works. This is about choosing what you focus on and then having trust and letting it go.

4. The best thing you can do is become more conscious. Step back and create space with your thoughts by constantly choosing a thought that makes you feel good. This does wonders for your vibration and it is really amazing how you can consciously move from the reality you have created for yourself [a fear based one] to one that serves you. You create your own reality and can change it at any moment. You always start with picking thoughts that make you feel good.

5. I am much nicer, calmer, grounded, present and a better coach when I meditate. Want to take the experience to another level? Try kundalini yoga.

6. When you are in a period of immense growth it can feel like you are on a roller coaster. For me blocks and past self doubts came out for me physically. For 5 weeks when I started this bootcamp I had a terrible shoulder and neck… I know now it was the energy quite literally shifting through me. Let the emotions come out and stop storing them in your body

7. I picked a coach who quite literally made me completely re-condition my way of thinking. As I did this I went through various stages 1/feeling annoyed that she was challenging things I believed to be true about the way the world works 2/ tears as I realised that I had spent 38 years believing things to be true about me, money, business that were not – it’s an illusion we all buy in to 3/that at one point I felt like I was free falling and felt dizzy 4/the clarity, contentment and the influx of business that followed was mind blowing

8. Resistance is everywhere – in our minds, bodies, thoughts. Our feelings are the perfect barometer for the level of resistance we have. There is a constant stream of well-being flowing to us and our feelings tell us how open we are to that well-being. Feeling anxious, angry, flat, worried, pessimistic then you are most likely resisting what you want. Feeling joyful, happy, excited then you are open to receiving all of the things you want.

9. Lastly, the external rewards speak for themselves… I hit my target, my income has sky rocketed, clients are flooding in, massive work opportunities have open up and I have been manifesting at an unprecedented level. However, most importantly I feel focused, confident, joyful, balanced, in flow and full of trust.

So for any of you out there thinking about doing the internal work then start today, give the mindset work the benefit of the doubt and the changes in you and your life will speak for themselves. It’s not easy or pretty but it is SO rewarding.’

Caroline Britton
Photo: Caroline Britton

Caroline is a transformational and intuitive coach. To find out more about Caroline please visit

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