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Littlefoot, outdoorsy fun for families.

Littlefoot, outdoorsy fun for families.

Having spent many years working in different outdoor education roles, Jo Birch, Founder of LittleFoot, wanted to pursue his own business with the ability to shape the content and delivery in his own way. He started Littlefoot in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.

Ahead of their involvement with a programme of activities at the ParentFolk Weekender, The Outdoorsy One, we speak to Jo about the benefits of being outdoors, and why the Littlefoot offering is perfect for families.

“As with any new business it took time to test out ideas with our first customers, establishing what people really needed and wanted was vital, as was partnering with a reputable outdoor venue. This is an ongoing challenge for any small business, and new ideas, partnerships and collaborations are so important. I love that we’re constantly evolving the Littlefoot brand and launching new offerings all the time.

We like to work with local businesses and partnering with independents to combine offerings that bring something new to the table, like with the ParentFolk Weekender.

Littlefoot offer bespoke team building experiences, survival, foraging, and bushcraft courses for schools, families and businesses. Our offering is really unique in that we tailor our courses and experiences to each individual. We want our visitors to have a feeling of accomplishment, while having fun and of course learning something unexpected!

Since launching we’ve worked with thousands of children through schools and family events and we’re really excited to be partnering with ParentFolk Weekender for ‘The Outdoorsy One’.

Children love the Littlefoot experience; getting their hands dirty, eating bugs, building shelters, lighting fires and being outdoors in the woods. It’s like real life minecraft! The children never cease to amaze us, and in fact when we experience bad weather they seem to love it even more!

It’s a really exciting time for Littlefoot as we continue to grow. We’re working with more companies than ever before, developing experiences for people who want to get back in touch with the outdoors.

The ParentFolk Weekender will give the families visiting a great opportunity to do just that!

We’ll be offering firelighting sessions, wild foraging walks, shelter building workshops, African drumming sessions, lots of little workshops to share some of our skills with kids and families alike.

Our biggest tip for anyone heading to Littlefoot? Be yourself, get involved and simply enjoy!”

Littlefoot will operate a full rotating line up of activities across the ParentFolk Weekender. Activities will rotate on the hour (12noon -5pm)

Get your tickets for the ParentFolk Weekender, Wirral, Saturday 9th/ Sunday 10th June 2018

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