Motherhood Interview: Emily Evans

Having established her social media, visual content, styling, brand and retailing consultant business, Emily Evans Media, earlier this year – Emily Evans knows first hand what it takes to establish a strong business whilst raising a family. We caught up with Emily to talk media, motherhood, and making it all work…


(Emily Evans pictured with two of her three daughters in L.A)

As a mother with a growing and dynamic business, how long did it take you to find a way to manage your lifestyle in order to successfully balance your work and family life?  It’s key to be really organised. I can get really overwhelmed easily if the wheels start to fall off so I now have someone who collects my 2 younger children from school so that my working day isn’t interrupted. Just having those extra couple of my working hours in my day gives more balance between my work and home life.

What has having your own business taught you about yourself? After careers assisting Catherine Walker and Elspeth Gibson, I started my own luxury maternity retail business which I ran for 15 years, called 9 London. It grew, and I ended up with 4 stores including concessions in Harrods. I then went on to launch a mother and baby ranged called Emily Evans Mother and wholesaled to 25 countries. I guess having my own business has taught me that I can still be really ambitious, even though I’m a mother of three.

We’re interested to find out what challenges you most about being a working mother? Probably the same things as most working Mothers, trying not to forget things that need to be taken to school! I can often miss things that are small things to me but matter a lot to the girls so I try to be more mindful of that.


(Daughters -Left to right: Pearl (5), Dolly (7), Starr (12) )

What would you like your daughters to learn most from you as a business woman? That anything is possible if you work hard

..and as a mother? That you can do both, you don’t have to stop being yourself, just because you want to have children. Its not easy but it’s possible.

Tell us, where do you draw your daily motivation from? I’ve always been self-motivated, it’s just a way of life for me, to keep driving forward.


If you could go back to the day left school, what advice would you give to your 16 old self now that you didn’t know back then?  I would believe in myself more. I was very insecure as a teenager and felt worried a lot about what people thought of me, now I just don’t really care!

How do you think we as a society today can best support girls to become the female entrepreneurs of tomorrow? I think by encouraging girls to nurture their idea’s. If they have a good idea they can have their own business, but its key that they understand that it’s going to be harder at times than working for someone else.

Finally, tell us when the working week is done and the weekend comes around where’s your happy place? I’m a home person really, I like to be at home with my family. I also like to go and visit my eldest daughter who is at school in Gloucestershire. I love the countryside as much as I love London life.


Quick fire Q’s..

Your go to kids brand? Bonpoint. Obsessed.

Your favourite up and coming designer? I really like what Molly Goddard is doing

High Street or luxury? A mix of both

Your guilty pleasure? Trainers

Your place for ‘me time’? At home in bed! I also like the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch to hand out, and the Wheatsheaf Inn, Northleach, Gloucestershire

Fireside read? The Sunday Times is generally all I have time for

Favourite eatery? Real Food Daily, L.A


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