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Motherhood Interview: Jayne Hynes

Kiddyum is a range of delicious and nutritious meals for young children (aged 1-4), which are frozen for locked in goodness. The range delivers the benefits of homemade, with the convenience of being ready to eat in just five minutes. Kiddyum’s mini meals are made from natural ingredients and contain no artificial ingredients (GM ingredients, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives). They contain no added sugar and are low in salt.

Created by mum of two Jayne Hynes, the Kiddyum story began when Jayne used to batch-cook her own recipes and freeze them for her daughters Tilly and Florence. Soon friends and family were putting in their orders and Kiddyum was born!

Jayne perfects the recipes, layering different flavours and textures to excite young taste buds and help children to develop their palates – something Jayne refers to as the building blocks of taste. Here Jayne shares her take on Motherhood:

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Firstly, what does it mean to you being a mother?

Everything.  From an early age I knew I wanted to have children.  Having had some tough challenges with endometriosis and PCO’s, I used to worry about whether or not this would be possible.  My girls are my world and I love being a mother, my family comes before anything else.

How was it having a career change as well as being a mum and trying to balance family life and work?

Tough! I’d love to say I’ve breezed through it but, as any parent knows, balancing a career with family life is difficult.  My husband and I work as a team and juggle our days.

What made you start your own business?

My girls.  I’m passionate about good food and nutrition and as a busy mum of a baby and 3 year old working full time, I found pureeing every night, making mini meals with no added salt and sugar was often exhausting.  I didn’t find anything on the market that was as good a substitute as home cooking so I decided to try to emulate what I did at home on a larger scale.


What was your experience feeding and weaning your two young daughters?

My oldest daughter was a dream.  Although she had reflux as a baby and couldn’t digest very smooth food (right up until she was 3), she tried everything and ate really well and still does.  There is nothing she won’t eat (aside from hotdog sausages).   My youngest, Florence wasn’t as easy.  I have had to work so much harder to get her to eat different foods but she now eats most things (also aside from hotdog sausages!).

What would you say to your daughters if they wanted to start their own business when they grow up?

I will always fully support them in whatever they want to do.  I would encourage them to work for someone else first though.  I certainly learnt a lot working for others, not least discipline and how to work as part of a team.

As someone who has seen the highs and lows of motherhood- what would you have told yourself back then that you know now?

“Don’t be so hard on yourself and stop feeling guilty all the time”.  I still suffer from this to some degree but I used to feel guilty about anything I did that wasn’t perfect.  I think being a mother is the most rewarding but also challenging job and we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves.

You have established yourself as a female entrepreneur, what advice would you give young girls who may not have the confidence to follow their aspirations?

First and foremost be yourself.  Believe in yourself.  You can’t convince others to invest in you/your business if you doubt yourself.   Keep listening to others, ask lots of questions and take advice from other entrepreneurs and experienced business women and men.

In terms of your business and being a mother, what are your plans for the future?

To raise happy, balanced, confident children and to expand Kiddyum.  I love what I do and am passionate about helping other parents feed their children healthy, nutritious and tasty meals.  I am really excited about the future.

When the weekend comes around, what activities do you enjoy doing with the family?

We try to go swimming at the weekends and often we’ll try to fit in a walk or bike ride.  All of this has to be fitted around the inevitable numerous birthday parties and sleepovers that are arranged each weekend!

Quick fire Q’s;

What will we find at the bottom of your handbag? Shopkins

Plan everything or go with the flow? I’m a planner!

What were your favourite toys as a child?A bike, trees and jacks!

What book are you currently hooked on? Any cookery book

Your go to Kids brand? I’m not loyal to any one brand

Your favourite winter dish? I have so many! It’s boring but I don’t really have a favourite, we eat lots of different winter meals.  You can’t beat a good roast dinner though!

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