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Movember teams up with Marvin Humes for Father’s Day in a bid to futureproof fathers across the nation

As nearly half of British fathers struggle with lack of social interaction during COVID 19, Movember teams up with Marvin Humes for Father’s Day in a bid to futureproof fathers across the nation

As new research by Movember reveals 47% of British fathers admit to struggling with lack of social interaction amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the leading men’s health charity has teamed up TV broadcaster, DJ and family man, Marvin Humes to launch their Father’s Day campaign in a bid to change the face of men’s health.

The COVID 19 crisis means there has never been a greater need to connect with family and friends and so this Father’s Day, the charity is raising critical awareness to highlight the value of shared advice, experience and support to help navigate fatherhood and futureproof the lives of the men we love.

The new research reveals a fifth (22%) of Dads living with dependent children under 18 haven’t contacted their mates during the pandemic but admit that they would have benefitted from talking to them if they’d done so. And despite unlocking new ways to stay in touch – only 16% have opened up on mental health, with just 12% sharing tips on parenting.

This is compounded by Movember’s recent study released for Mental Health Awareness Week where eight out of 10 (83 per cent) British men admitted to finding it helpful when people ask if they’re having a difficult time – yet nearly half (46 per cent) said no one had checked to find out how they were coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Movember ambassador and broadcaster Marvin Humes

Movember ambassador and broadcaster Marvin Humes commented: “As a son, father and with a baby boy on the way, I’m proud to be raising vital awareness for Movember’s Father’s Day movement and their work towards futureproofing the health of men we love – a topic and cause that is often neglected.

Being a father is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, however it’s been eye-opening to see the research around men experiencing loneliness and isolation as they enter fatherhood, particularly in recent months. Friendships, social connection and support is something that many of us take for granted and so this Father’s Day, join me in reaching out and honouring the mates and father figures in our lives who may need a friendly voice and donate at”

Marvin will be taking part in the Father’s Day #Dadvice social media campaign in a bid to encourage men to open up and share their best advice (#Dadvice) from their own experiences or from the father figures in their lives.

Dr Zac Seidler, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Mental Health Training at Movember, said: “Movember knows that alongside things like job loss and retirement, fatherood is a real pressure point in a man’s life. There’s suddenly additional financial pressure, exercise can take a back seat, you can’t see your friends as much – on top of looking after young children.  Men don’t talk about these struggles as openly as women, and that needs to change.

This Father’s Day, Movember wants to encourage everyone to reach out to the dads in their lives and use Movember Conversations, a new easy-to-use interactive online tool led by an international team of mental health experts, to help with navigating those more difficult discussions.

Find out more at and don’t forget to spread the word and honour dads across the nation with Movember’s #Dadvice social media movement.

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