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MyProtein for kids! The new nutrition

In the days of hockey, netball, rugby and football, our daily nutrition and vitamins usually came from a hearty school lunch and a home-cooked dinner.

These days though, following the meteoric rise in health, wellbeing and fitness, we now look to proteins, whey’s, creatine’s, amino acids and all manner of weird and wonderful concoctions to hone and tone our limbs and feel good from the inside out.

So why can’t the kids join in too?!

Cheshire-based supplement giant Myprotein have been working with an experienced team of nutritionists including the award-winning health writer and children’s nutritionist Emma Derbyshire to create Little Beasts; an innovative range of products specially formulated for children.

Childhood nutrition is vital to the successful development of life-long eating habits in addition to the nutritional needs during this significant life stage. This fun range of products are a great way of topping up your child daily intake of essential nutrients, imperative for growth and development,” says Emma.

With this in mind, when developing the range, special focus was given to active children who are scientifically proven to be more active in body and mind than the average UK adult.

Therefore, as Emma surmises, it is highly important that these children in particular are regularly supplied with the right energy-boosting nutrients to support a busy routine of school and after-school activities.

Bridging the shortfalls in children’s diets with the use of supplements is something Emma is keen to highlight. She added: “Many children in the UK have significant nutritional gaps in their diet, with most not getting sufficient levels of essential vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin D and Omega 3, however smoothies,  juices and supplements are a great way of improving your child’s essential vitamins, minerals and folate intake without compromising on added sugar intake. ”

 Emma recommends the use of Multi-Vitamins to help monitor a child’s daily intake of essential nutrients but also suggests products such as the Milkshake Mix and the Grizzly Bar make brilliant smart swaps to junk food, ensuring children don’t feel left out at lunch time.

Soon to be all the rage in a lunchbox near in your child’s school soon.

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