Natalie Reeves Billing Author of My Mummy Is A Monster

New Book Aims To Help Families Through Coronavirus Crisis

A brand new book has launched just in time to help struggling families communicate in the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.

‘My Mummy Is A Monster’ is the first in the ‘Monstrous Me’ collection created by Liverpool author Natalie Reeves Billing, which have a unique back-to-back parent and child version, format.

The books which are due to be released tomorrow in paperback on Amazon have already caused a stir with Natalie’s 27K Twitter followers and have caught the attention of those like Natalie, who have found the challenges of family life in 2020 hard.

She said: “It’s been a very tough time for a lot of families trying to balance working from home, home schooling, exercise, entertainment and general day to day living. A lot of parents have probably felt like monsters at one time or another over the last 6 weeks and I’m sure they’ve thought the same about their kids!

“It’s hoped that this book is a way to bring families together and get them to see things from both perspectives and hopefully make the rest of lockdown (and life) that bit easier to understand.”

Natalie, who is originally from Toxteth, has been an internationally regarded songwriter and poet for many years, however after having her own two children, began her journey into writing for children.

She has created the new series of books off the back of her social enterprise project Split Perspectivz which helps school children in under privileged areas of the City of Liverpool to use storytelling as a way of therapy and better understanding of family dynamics.

“The idea of the books is to show there are two sides to every story,” said mum of two Natalie. “They are supposed to be fun and on the cusp of a bit daring! I’m not afraid to talk about bogies and bums and things that gets the kids attention, it definitely makes the messages easier to understand.”

My Mummy is a Monster, is pitched from the child’s perspective, remarking on daily tasks such as how brushing their hair is like mummy using “a club made of spikes”, to tales of being “tossed into a hard iron cage to go monster shopping!”.

My Children are Monsters, flips the story and recalls it very differently – such as how “brushing fur is not something they like”, and when they go shopping “they take out veg and pound me with it”.

Natalie hopes the new books can give both parent and child a chance to look at situations from another point of view, helping children develop a sense of balance, roundedness and wellbeing.

“Children can literally and figuratively, turn the story on its head,” added Natalie. “It’s a cathartic experience for both parent and child and as the series goes on more aspects of family life will be involved.”

The author lives with her husband, daughter, son, step son and dog Scooby, in Thornton Hough, Wirral, which is also home to Lollipop Lodge, her writing den. Here she is currently writing the next books in the Monsterous Me collection, with a brand new book giving focus on the Coronavirus pandemic crisis due to be launched in the next month, which will also be illustrated by renowned artist Lisa Williams.

Despite the global crisis and delays to the launch of her first children’s book, Natalie said the timing of the launch could not be more apt.

“My hope is that the story can not only be something fun to read but something that can really help families struggling under pressure at the moment – so that even when we all feel a bit like our children are monsters and vice versa, we understand a little bit more why!”

My Mummy is a Monster will be published on Amazon from midnight on Tuesday, May 5th.

An ebook will be released on May 15th and a special hardback flip book edition will be released later this summer.

For further details about the Monstrous Me collection go to: and to discover more about Natalie Reeves Billing visit

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