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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: ParentFolk visit Children’s Scrapstore, Salford

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it’s certainly the case for a pioneering kids development centre in the heart of Salford.

ParentFolk got to spend a great morning at Children’s Scrapstore Salford – an Aladdin’s cave of craft resources donated by businesses which are then made available to purchase to create wonderful things! The concept is simple. Choose a shopping trolley (£15.50) or a basket (£5) and fill with any of the items that are in stock at the time from fabric, zips and plastic eggs to foam shapes, shiny paper, jigsaw pieces and tubes – the list and possibilities are endless.  Sprinkle with imagination from you and your child and these every day recyclable items transform into space rockets, dresses, islands and planets.


Children’s Scrapstore is a charity that collects scrap from all manners of businesses and makes it available for purchase to educational groups, community ventures where it can be used for the benefit of young peoples development.


The charity works on a membership basis and is open to schools, PTA groups, Home Ed parents, Community Artists, Childminders etc… Occasionally they have days that are open to the general public too – so it’s definitely worth checking out their facebook page for their future events.


There’s a cool café area and even rooms to hire in case you fancy starting a regular craft group of your own!

The charity is becoming increasing popular in the surrounding areas in fact, they have just celebrated their first birthday – an event that was visited by over 200 children throughout the day!


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