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Picking the perfect gift – with a little help from BRIO

Choosing the right gifts for kids can be tricky, so we’ve asked our pals at BRIO to help answer some of your festive challenge questions

What should we, as parents have in mind when buying gifts for our littlefolk?

Quality and play value are really key when buying gifts for your children.  It’s ideal to find a gift that you know they will pull out time and time again and make new discoveries as they learn and develop over a number of years.  BRIO and BRIO World rail sets provide flexible, open-ended play that really let children explore their imaginations. Due to the open-ended nature of the system, you can continue to add new themes as your child grows. Not only great toys that will feature in the toy box for years to come, but, even better, the tracks are always compatible even back to the first BRIO railway set created and so you can enjoy growing the collection generation after generation.

Another key consideration is of course the environment, so it’s good to know that all the wood featured in BRIO sets is FSC Certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests.

BRIO Code and Go Bumblebee
Great for toddlers, the BRIO Code & Go Bumblebee

What’s your top pick for toddlers this year?

The new BRIO Code & Go Bumblebee is a really exciting toy for children age 2 and up.  This take on our classic bumblebee pull-along has introduced technology to enable children to programme the cute bumblebee using the buttons on his back.  Once they have programmed him, they can watch him perform the actions they set as he moves and makes sounds. Toddlers will love to be in control of the action with this toy!

Another pick, sorry too hard to pick one!! The BRIO Remote Control Race Car is a real winner. This chunky RC race car in retro style has an age-appropriate controller meaning children as young as two can easily get to grips with controlling it.

We want to start building a collection of toys that grandparents and aunts and uncles can add to for birthdays and Christmas- what would you recommend?

BRIO World is a fantastic play system that encompasses a wealth of themes and features that children experience in the real world, such as fire station or airport for example. All the different sets can be combined in endless ways to offer complete flexibility. This is a great one if you’re looking to build a collection with both sets and accessories available at a number of price points, there are great options for gifting.

My Little one seems more interested in my phone that their toddler toys, what would you recommend for a tech savvy 3 year old?

Part of the BRIO World system mentioned above, we have a new range called Smart Tech Sound.  With incredible new technology, the centrepiece of the Smart Tech Range is the Record & Play Engine which can interact with other Smart Tech features such as Action Tunnels and Station. Each feature causes a different reaction in the engine, such as sounds, lights and movements like ‘stop’ or ‘reverse’.  Children are in control of the action as they can move the Action Tunnels wherever they like on their track to create a unique journey for the engine every time. Really exciting is the fact that they can actually record their own sounds into the engine, either directly or using the free Smart Tech App. They will hear their own sounds play out when the train passes under the special Sound action tunnel.  So if they want their train to say ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘choo choo’ it is entirely up to them!  If you choose to, you can also control the Record & Play Engine using the free app too – although anything your child physically does with the set always takes precedence as our focus is always on the haptic play.

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BRIO’s new range Smart Tech Sound brings technology and play together

Our 4 year old is construction mad, but we struggle to find toys that keep him engaged, any suggestions?

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BRIO Builder Range

Our BRIO Builder range is suitable from age 3 and up offers endless possibilities for construction fans to explore and develop their skills and creativity. The range includes sets from basic starters right up to sets which enable budding engineers to build motorised and light-up creations so they can bring their creations to life. There is even a Record & Play set where they can record their own sounds into their creation. This will certainly keep even the busiest minds occupied for hours!

Which do you think will be the most popular toy this Christmas?

The BRIO World Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set is a dream Christmas gift that offers the real wow factor.  With everything they need to create an exciting interactive track system, children are truly in control of the action as they record their own sounds, control lights, movement and more for new journeys every time. It’s one that the grown-ups will want to get involved with too, and that can never be a bad thing!

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BRIO World Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel, BRIO’S Top tip for most popular this Christmas

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