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The Beauty Junkie Mums Behind ‘Oh Mumma’ talk to ParentFolk

Two self-confessed beauty junkie mothers with over 30 years combined experience in the beauty industry have launched an exciting luxe subscription box for the modern mum.

ParentFolk caught up with Shannon Barrie and Kyra White to talk beauty, brand launch, and being mum.

Where did the idea for Oh Mumma come from?

Shannon: We were at lunch (both pregnant) talking about what a crazy reality it is to become a mum. I was pregnant with my second so was already in it. When a baby is born, I think it’s easy to forget that a new mum has been born too. It’s such an immediate (and HUGE) change it’s honestly pretty impossible to fully explain to someone until they experience it. So we really wanted to create something to show some love for mum and support her whether it’s her first, second, or tenth every new baby comes with more change. 

What’s different about the Oh Mumma subscription?

Kyra: It’s created by mums for mums. We believe in getting behind mums with BIG dreams and supporting their brands so you will always find a few inside. We’ve put a great deal of thought into what new and expecting mums might want. Each box has 5-7 handpicked beauty and lifestyle products and something for her little one’s ever changing needs. Everything is tailored to baby’s birth/due date and mums beauty profile. The products inside range from brands you probably already know (and love) to indie brands.  Giving back is super important to us too. We give 1% of profits to the PANDAS Foundation who support families dealing with pre and postnatal mental illnesses.

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Oh Mumma Launches This weekend

Who did you have in mind when designing the offering?

Shannon: Mums…it’s really that simple. We know that with all the big changes mum has on her plate she needs a bit of time just for herself sometimes. 

What can subscribers look forward to?

Kyra: We want to put a smile on mums face and everything we do will be to help make that happen. We’re building a community free from judgement. You don’t need parenting advice from us because we think you’re doing a pretty damn good job already. 

How have you engaged so many global brands so quickly?

Shannon: There’s one thing that has always been pretty apparent to us and it’s that mums want to support other mums. Many of the people behind the brands inside were moms and they totally saw the value in making Oh Mumma come to life. We both really believe in what we are doing and I think that comes across when we are talking to brands. 

 Setting up a business always comes with challenges, how are you supporting one another through the launch?

Kyra: Coffee and prosecco. No but seriously… we feel really lucky to be in it together. I think because we’re both mums we understand what life looks like outside of launching a business which helps  (like kids that don’t wanna sleep). We just have each others back and somehow we know we’re gonna make it work between us. 

 As mothers yourselves, why do you think new mums need Oh Mumma?

Shannon: I struggled with anxiety after my 2nd son was born. The constant mum guilt I felt about literally everything was so overwhelming. No matter what I did, I never felt like I was doing enough. I’m really lucky to have a pretty strong network of mum friends around me and their support was honestly priceless. I know that not everyone has this same luxury and we want to be there for mum to almost be like a virtual hug that comes in the post. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to make a little space for ourselves because we definitely deserve and need it. 

What’s next post launch?

Kyra: sleep…joking, that’s not happening! We want to be sure that our box is the best gift ever for mum (even if it’s a gift for yourself)!  We’re constantly on the hunt for cool brands to work with, especially ones that have parents in mind. 

Oh Mumma launches this weekend, Check out Oh Mumma online

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