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The Light Fantastic- The new LED express facial

My skin was looking sallow. Fuelled by early morning starts, sleep deprivation and this tepid start to the summer we’ve been experiencing, it was looking anything but radiant. Don’t get me wrong I do all the right things when it comes to potions, lotions and skincare routine, but I’ve found lately making time (half a day!) to drive to a spa for a 45 minute facial and drive home, has been impossible. I then heard about a new facial that takes just 11 minutes and gives you immediate results.. yes I was sold on this too.

I visited The Light Salon, neatly located in store at Harvey Nichols, Knightbridge, London (they also have a sister salon based in store at Harvey Nichols, Leeds).  The Light Salon is an express skin rejeuventation bar that delivers results driven express- LED beauty treatment that help you achieve naturally radiant skin.

So who are The Light Salon?

The Light Salon are the only skin rejuvenation or light bar in the country to use industry-leading Healite II technology, which naturally boosts the skin’s collagen production, correcting and healing as it goes. And with proven stress-reduction and mood-lifting effects, it’s 11 minutes we’re willing to find in our busy schedule!

The experience

I was surprised at just how relaxing the treatment was. My skin was cleansed and goggles provided before the LED treatment began. The treatment felt warm on my skin, but not uncomfortable in anyway, in fact I would liken it to relaxing on a beach! Once my time under the light was complete, my face was massaged with an SPF to complete the treatment.

I couldn’t believe how immediate the results were. Plump glowing skin immediately. (My skin actually looked even more radiant on day two post-treatment).

So how does it work? Put simply, the expertly-tested LED wavelengths are used in combination to activate your skin’s cells, spurring them to fight infection, help your skin protect itself against dirt, grime & UV exposure, and release collagen & hyaluronic acid to plump, smooth and hydrate.

As the Heallite II creator Dr Calderhead is fond of saying, ‘It’s not magic, it just works.’

Indeed it does.

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