Lady Garden Cover

We’d like to talk about your Lady Garden..

Yes, lets put it out there…We want to talk about your Lady Garden and we want you to talk about it too!

September is gynaecological cancer awareness month. 30 days dedicated to women and to raising awareness about female cancers.

LADY GARDEN is a campaign by a group of British women on a mission to change the future of female cancers. Why? Because right now these cancers are nicknamed the silent killers. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest reasons is – YOU and I.

Yes, you, me, your best friend, your sister, your mum, your Aunt – all too embarrassed to talk about our bodies. Research recently conducted by the campaign revealed that over a third of women are too embarrassed to go to the doctor with gynaecological concerns- let alone talk to a friend!  That’s whopping 41% of you!

ladygardencampaign ladygardencampaign2

The LADY GARDEN Campaign is on a mission to change that. They want to empower women like you and I to talk more openly without shyness or shame. Together we can make these cancers silent no more! Model Cara Delevingne is fronting the #LadyGardenCampaign and you can get involved too. Show your support by wearing your #LADYGARDENCAMPAIGN hoodie available online now from TOPSHOP. You’ll be joining a heap of celebs and high profile women all committed to raising awareness! #SILENTNOMORE


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